Shame As Woman Catches Hubby Stuck With Boss’s Wife


The couple have sex in the bed. night time

“It is painful; I am stuck inside her, can’t move; please separate us; forgive me, my wife. It is Satan who lied to me. I promise to be a better husband. I will not happen again,” he cried

My husband treated me horribly while preparing for a visit from his Boss and his wife, only to discover he was sleeping with his boss’s wife.

Tonight is an important night of my life. My boss needs to see our house in a perfect state. Are you listening to me, Mary?” my husband said, irate as always. I had gotten used to him speaking to me this way.

“Yes, Mark. I’ve made your boss’s favourite dish, and it’s perfect,” I replied.

Hello! Welcome! Come in, Mr Teddy; good evening, Mrs Teddy; it’s so nice to see you,” I heard my husband say to our guests after opening the door.

After brief introduction, his boss’s wife requested for a tour of the house and they both went upstairs while I made drinks for everyone but they were taking too long so I decided to check.

However, I had to stop before reaching the second story as I could hear their voices.
“Don’t you have something for me?” Mrs. Teddy asked.

“Of course, my darling,” Robert answered, and then I heard the sound of kissing.
I turned around to go downstairs but knocked something over in my haste. They must have heard me, but they couldn’t know I had listened to their conversation.

So my husband and Mrs. Teddy were having an affair, but I needed more evidence.

“Dinner is ready!” I said, faking cheerfulness when they finally came down. We all sat at our beautifully arranged table and started eating but a thousand questions were ringing in my mind.

The visitors left, and I chose not to confront anyone. So, I quickly contacted native doctors, Mugwenu Doctors, to help teach them a lesson. I had read about the herbalist on social media.
Few days later after Mugwenu Doctors unleashed her spells, my husband and his boss’s wife got stuck while having sex in a Naivasha Resort.

It was so embarrassing that I had to be informed together with his Boss because they were totally unable to separate.

We met in Naivasha and that’s when I explained what I heard during their visit and how I contacted Mugwenu Doctors to help me get hard evidence.

“It is painful; I am stuck inside her, can’t move; please separate us; forgive me, my wife. It is Satan who lied to me. I promise to be a better husband. I will not happen again,” he cried

After many hours of deliberations, I contacted Mugwenu Doctors, who released them. My husband has since been fired, and Mr. Teddy has also sent his wife packing.

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