Tears as Church Finds Out Bride Is Pregnant for Ex-Boyfriend, Cancels Wedding


A lonely bride sitting on dark background, with a white tulle and a bouquet of white flowers.

New details are emerging concerning the wedding that was recently cancelled, leaving the groom’s family in shock and tears.
It had earlier been established that the wedding had been cancelled after the groom’s family suspected the woman was pregnant.

A pregnancy test was done just to be sure, and the results showed Jackie was pregnant but not for Steve, the groom.

But here are the details that are missing:
Before Jackie met Steve, everyone knew Monica would marry Steve, but four months into the wedding, funny changes happened.
Jackie was quickly unveiled as the bride, with Steve claiming Monica was not his type, but the truth is Jackie had used dark powers to win Steve’s heart.

It has now emerged that Monica visited Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248, who released a revenge spell targeting Jackie for the evil she had done by taking Steve.

“I could not let her just take my man like that. She was jealous but I never expected she would use such means to take my man. Thanks, Mugwenu Doctors, for returning my love to me and punishing the evil woman who was taking advantage,” narrated Monica.

The spell unleashed Jackie’s true colours. She started behaving in a funny way and started seeing her ex, and that is how she got pregnant a few months before she was set to wed someone else.

Monica and Steve are now back together, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors, who used a perfect revenge spell. They are planning to wed later this year and are currently enrolled on marital counselling.
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