Trans Nzoia County Government Partners with National Government to Resolve Land Feuds


In a significant move to tackle longstanding land disputes in Trans Nzoia County, the local government has announced its commitment to collaborate with the national government. The initiative aims to expedite the resolution of numerous land-related conflicts that have plagued residents for decades.

During a meeting held at the County Commissioner’s office on Wednesday, Janerose Mutama, the Executive in charge of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, emphasized the need for joint efforts between the two levels of government. Mutama acknowledged the distinct roles of each arm of government and stressed the importance of collaborative action to address the daily influx of reported land disputes in the county.

Mutama praised the support from various farm committees across the county for their efforts in resolving some long-standing land issues. She urged members of Mbai Farm to cooperate with both county and national government officials to ensure the swift resolution of their land matters.

Furthermore, Mutama encouraged farm committees to seek out-of-court approaches to resolve disputes wherever possible, thereby avoiding prolonged legal battles.

Highlighting the broader scope of the county’s efforts, Mutama mentioned ongoing collaboration with other farms, including settlement schemes such as SFTS and those with AFC loans, to facilitate the issuance of title deeds to rightful owners.

County Commissioner Gideon Oyagi commended the Mbai farm committee for their proactive steps in resolving the stalemate affecting them. Oyagi expressed optimism that this approach would pave the way for the regularization of a 1,200-acre parcel of land and ensure equitable distribution among members, along with the issuance of ownership documents.

Oyagi lauded the county administration for its breakthroughs in resolving many land disputes and urged farm committees across the county to emulate Mbai Farm’s example.

Moreover, Oyagi cautioned against engaging in land politics, citing it as a significant hindrance to the resolution of disputes and a contributing factor to prolonged stalemates.

The collaborative efforts between the county and national governments signify a promising step towards bringing lasting solutions to the longstanding land feuds in Trans Nzoia County.

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