Kiharu MP Assures Kenyans Amidst Budget Cuts


In a bid to address Kenya’s fiscal challenges, Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro, who also serves as the Chair of the Budget Committee, has announced significant adjustments to the national budget.

Speaking today, Nyoro outlined a strategy to reduce spending by 177 billion shillings while introducing strategic investments through loans to achieve a balanced fiscal outlook.

Key among the initiatives highlighted by Nyoro is a commitment to agricultural support across various sectors.

Notably, a substantial portion of the budget, amounting to 10 billion shillings, will be allocated for fertilizer subsidies. This financial boost aims not only to benefit maize farmers but also to support coffee, sugarcane, and tea farmers across the country.

Nyoro emphasized the importance of diversifying agricultural support to ensure sustainability and prosperity in Kenya’s key agricultural sectors.

Furthermore, Nyoro allocated 2.25 billion shillings to bolster the dairy industry, with 1.5 billion earmarked specifically for the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC).

This allocation is aimed at stabilizing milk prices and ensuring that farmers receive a fair price of at least 50 shillings per liter, thereby protecting them from losses and promoting profitability in dairy farming.

Addressing employment concerns, Nyoro highlighted the government’s commitment to securing the future of young professionals. He announced plans to transition Junior Secondary School (JSS) interns into permanent and pensionable positions, ensuring stability and security in their careers.

Additionally, Nyoro emphasized the importance of healthcare by confirming interns in hospitals on similar permanent terms, underlining the government’s commitment to strengthening the healthcare sector workforce.

Nyoro reassured Kenyans that despite budgetary adjustments, critical sectors such as agriculture and healthcare will receive adequate support. He stressed the government’s dedication to prudent financial management and strategic investments aimed at fostering economic growth and enhancing livelihoods across the nation.

The budget adjustments and initiatives outlined by MP Ndindi Nyoro are set to be deliberated further in Parliament, where discussions will focus on ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation and utilization of funds.

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