Ndindi Nyoro Pledges Fiscal Responsibility and Sectoral Support in Budget Address


In a resolute address at Kiambugi-Kiharu Technical and Vocational College, Ndindi Nyoro, Member of Parliament for Kiharu constituency and Chairman of the Budget Committee, outlined strategic measures aimed at ensuring responsible financial management amidst Kenya’s economic landscape.

Addressing a gathered audience, Nyoro underscored the importance of cautious budgetary allocations in response to public demands for fiscal prudence.

“We have heard the voices of Kenyans loud and clear, urging us to tread cautiously with our financial budget,” Nyoro affirmed, emphasizing the necessity to align expenditures with available resources to sustainably manage the economy.

Support for Key Sectors

Highlighting his commitment to bolster critical sectors despite necessary budget adjustments, Nyoro announced a significant allocation of 1.5 billion Kenyan shillings towards the establishment of a new Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) facility. This initiative aims to stabilize milk prices, crucial for supporting dairy farmers in the region and ensuring economic stability.

In addition, Nyoro reaffirmed a subsidy of 10 billion shillings for fertilizers to enhance agricultural productivity, particularly benefiting coffee farmers. This subsidy aims to provide affordable fertilizers to farmers, thereby boosting yields and ensuring the sector’s economic viability.

Education and Vocational Training

Addressing educational reforms, Nyoro unveiled plans to transition 46,000 interns currently serving as Junior Secondary School teachers into permanent and pensionable positions. This move seeks to stabilize the education sector and provide long-term stability within the teaching workforce.

Nyoro also pledged support for vocational training institutions, highlighting initiatives aimed at enhancing technical skills among youth. Specifically mentioning efforts at Emily Technical Training Institute, Nyoro stressed the importance of equipping young Kenyans with skills aligned with market demands, thereby enhancing their employability and contributing to economic empowerment.

Accountability and Governance

In a gesture towards transparency and accountability, Nyoro announced a reduction in allowances for legislators, redirecting funds towards essential community services. “We are cutting our allowances as politicians to ensure that resources are channeled towards services that benefit the mwananchi,” he stated, reflecting his commitment to efficient governance and prioritizing public service delivery.

Positive Reception

The audience at Kiambugi-Kiharu Technical and Vocational College responded positively to Nyoro’s address, acknowledging his efforts to address pressing issues affecting the constituency. Nyoro’s leadership in navigating Kenya’s economic challenges was appreciated, with attendees highlighting his commitment to responsible fiscal management and sectoral support.

As Kenya continues to navigate economic uncertainties, Nyoro’s initiatives are poised to impact sectors crucial to national development, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s fiscal policy landscape.

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