President Ruto Signs IEBC Bill into Law at KICC


By Faith Mukhwana

President William Ruto has officially signed the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Bill into law during a ceremony held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The event, which took place on Monday, saw leaders from various political affiliations, including prominent figures like Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, in attendance.

The signing of the IEBC Bill comes after significant public and political pressure on President Ruto to endorse the legislation. The bill is set to overhaul Kenya’s electoral management system, paving the way for the appointment of new commissioners to the IEBC.

This move is crucial as the country prepares for upcoming elections, aiming to enhance transparency, accountability, and fairness in the electoral process.

Addressing the gathering at KICC, President Ruto emphasized the importance of the new law in strengthening Kenya’s democracy. He highlighted the need for a credible electoral body that upholds the principles of integrity and inclusivity. The President also acknowledged the challenges faced in the past by the IEBC and expressed confidence that the reforms would contribute to a more effective electoral process.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who was present at the ceremony, echoed similar sentiments, stressing the significance of finding lasting solutions to the recurrent issues surrounding the IEBC. He underscored the importance of unity and national cohesion in ensuring that the electoral process reflects the will of the Kenyan people.

The signing of the IEBC Bill has been welcomed by various stakeholders, including opposition leaders and civil society groups, who have long advocated for reforms within the electoral agency. They view this development as a step towards restoring public trust and confidence in Kenya’s democratic institutions.

The enactment of the IEBC Bill sets the stage for the reconstitution of the electoral body, which will be tasked with overseeing future elections in Kenya. With preparations underway for the next electoral cycle, all eyes are now on the implementation of these reforms to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process.

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