“Baringo Youths Plan Major Protest Demanding Governor Cheboi’s Accountability Over Alleged Mismanagement”


By Evans Kibor
In a bold move aimed at addressing issues of governance in Baringo County, a coalition of Gen Zs and Millennials has announced plans for a significant peaceful protest next week.

The demonstration is set for Thursday, with the central demand being transparency and accountability from Governor Benjamin Cheboi, who stands accused of underperformance and mismanagement of public funds.

Governor Cheboi, who has faced criticism for failing to meet performance expectations at the county level, is now at the center of a growing public outcry. Youth leaders argue that Cheboi, having been given a second chance in office, has failed to deliver on his promises and has not addressed the concerns of the electorate.

“We are tired of empty speeches and broken promises,” declared one of the youth organizers. “Governor Cheboi was given another opportunity to lead, but he has done nothing for the people. We are demanding his resignation and accountability for the mismanagement of funds.”

The protest will begin at Kabarbet town at 11:00 AM, with demonstrators marching to the governor’s office to voice their grievances. “Our message is clear,” said another youth leader. “We are calling for the removal of corrupt leaders, starting with Governor Cheboi. We want answers on the stalled projects and a commitment to good governance.”

The planned protest highlights a broader dissatisfaction among Baringo’s youth, who are increasingly vocal about their demand for competent and transparent leadership. This demonstration represents a growing trend among Kenya’s younger generation, who are taking to the streets to demand that leaders meet their expectations for effective and honest governance.

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