Mixiology Training and Assessment Underway in Turkana County


In a significant boost to the region’s hospitality industry, a comprehensive mixiology training and assessment program is taking place at the Cradle Hotel in Lodwar. The initiative, which began this week, is spearheaded by the Eldoret National Polytechnic (TENP) in collaboration with the Tourism Revolving Fund.

The program aims to enhance the skills of local hospitality professionals through a series of workshops and hands-on assessments. Participants are receiving expert training in mixology, the art and science of crafting cocktails, from seasoned industry professionals.

According to TENP’s project coordinator, the training is designed to equip participants with advanced mixology techniques and business skills essential for thriving in the competitive hospitality sector. “Our goal is to elevate the standards of service in Turkana County’s tourism industry,” said the coordinator. “By providing high-quality training, we hope to empower local talent and promote sustainable growth in the region.”

The Cradle Hotel, which is hosting the event, offers an ideal setting for this professional development initiative. The hotel’s management expressed enthusiasm for the program, noting that it aligns with their mission to support and uplift the local community.

The Tourism Revolving Fund, which is facilitating the training, aims to boost tourism in underserved regions by investing in projects that enhance the quality of services. “Supporting mixology training is a strategic move to improve the tourism experience and attract more visitors to Turkana County,” stated a representative from the Fund.

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