Protests Erupt in Kapsabet Over Nandi Governor’s Performance


By Chemutai Rotich

Residents of Kapsabet, Nandi County, took to the streets today in a demonstration calling for Governor Stephen Sang’s resignation over perceived failures in governance and development. The protesters voiced frustration over the lack of progress in addressing unemployment and inadequate public healthcare facilities.

The demonstration began peacefully, with many participants sharing their grievances with the press. Joseline Jepkemboi, a local resident, criticized Governor Sang for focusing primarily on Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs while ignoring broader issues such as youth unemployment. “The governor didn’t talk about anything else apart from ECD; he didn’t mention unemployment, which affects us as young people who are currently jobless,” Jepkemboi said.

As the protest intensified, Governor Sang emerged from his office to engage with the crowd in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. However, tensions were exacerbated by a separate group of individuals who sought to incite violence and looting. The situation was brought under control by police who intervened to prevent further chaos.

Alex Rono, another protester, highlighted concerns over the misuse of government funds and the state of public hospitals. “There is no accountability from the government regarding the funds used, we don’t have medicines in public hospitals, and there are many stolen projects whose whereabouts are unknown,” Rono stated.

The demonstrators’ demands were clear: they called for immediate action to address the unemployment crisis and improve medical services in public healthcare facilities. They warned that failure to meet these demands might lead to further calls for Governor Sang’s resignation.

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