Opinion:Good leaders use their power to do good for those who follow them.” Gift Gugu Mona.

This is Dr Misha’s vision and mission,a journey of Hope!

Choice is the driver of purpose.

Kesses is above party politics.
Empowerment is the agenda.

The essence of leadership lies in the empowerment of those who’re powerless.
Parties want power

Dr Mishra is one leader who know and cherish power giving and elevating others.

The government is not a creator of wealth, people are.

Great leaders boosts their people to be drivers of their ow economy.

Dr Mishra is creating entrepreneurs in Kesses.
At the centre are youth and women.

Forget cynics and skeptics fighting noble initiatives without giving options.

Inclusive leaders creates enough room for community involvement

Tis where Dr Mishra zero in, people to be creators and drivers of own wealth

Dr Mishra is an institution bigger than Uwezo or Youth fund.
He does much better than county and national government in empowerment.

A graduate – certificate, diploma or degree holder still being mesmerized by government jobs, magnificent roads, schools or hospitals is a waste.

Leaders allocate money to public school and hospital they and their children don’t use but you still support them?

This country need quality education and healthcare not mere structures,and above all this, people need money in pockets to chose schools and hospitals to go.

People must be rich to have choices and options open.

Money give “bargain power” to be heard and access better services.

Often we hear those fighting Mediheal,a destination haven to leaders we fight for ,as we quee in health facilities ,talking how Mandago buy land and develop – only to be given brufen and be referred to private clinic to get rest of medication.

Improvised population only exist to procreate,vote and be taxed.

Money in today’s world give people value.

Tis why private or hospitals surround gated communities.

Tis why major private schools,smooth roads ,electricity and water Connectivity are concentrated on Elgon View.
Not Langas or villages the biggest voting baskets

Where money is services follow

Today’s leader must inspire his people to “make money”
With money we can do better farming,go to better schools and hospitals.

That’s the journey Mishra begun in Kesses.

By Kimutai KiruI, Human Rights Activist

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