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Kenyans React After Kitui governor posted a video of Deputy president William Samoei Ruto

Kenyans React after Kitui governor posted a video of Deputy president William Samoei Ruto.

Through her facebook page she posted “Mathew Chapter 17 ends at verse 27. Praise the Lord,”

Ngilu who is serving her first term in office is a stsunch supporter of the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in the August polls.

She has always accompanied Odinga and his deputy Martha Karua in various parts of the Country campaigning for him.

Ngilu is also a big critique of the deputy president William Ruto’s presidential bid in the August polls terming him as not fit to be the next president due to his corrupt nature.

Ruto who was elected on a Jubilee party has declared his interest for the presidency but his bid has been rubbished by the dynasties who have termed him as corrupt and cannot be trusted wityh the country’s leadership.

Her post received mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Kiruga Thuku says “Hahaha, so you were watching?
Aki nyinyi watu wa kuzimia hampendi kuongea ukweli!
You told us the other day that whenever the 5th WSR comes on the screen of your TV you just switch it off air!!!!
Kumbe… Hehee,”

Mzalendo says “Ruto Ashaunda Bible yake, This Guy is evil God is exposing slowly but sure,:

Davis Njoroge wrote “Thank you for watching your next president,,I can also see murathe was also in attendance.we honor you guys,

Steve Waiganjo says “It’s like both God and the Devil have come to a consensus that William Samoei Ruto is bad for Kenya. The way UDA has been making mistakes ain’t normal….,”

Caren Nato wrote “Thank you for watching H.E WSR,this shows you keenly follow his events and interviews.
He said ‘I think’meaning he stands guided.
Sometimes our pastor quotes verses that don’t even exist and he tells us ‘sema Amen kubwa’ and by virtue of his position as a man of God we can’t even ask na bado tunabarikiwa tu.

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