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Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino now says former Kenyas president Uhuru Kenyatta played opposition leader Raila Odinga in the just concluded general elections.

Through his official Facebook page says Kenyatta’s body language speaks it all after meeting president Dr William Ruto at statehouse.

Through his Facebook page he posted “Thank you Uhuru Kenyatta for keeping your word to Ruto.Your body language tells it all.It was a LONG CON.We will still reach where we are going.If we could not hunt with a dog will use a cat,”

Owino is staunch supporter of the opposition leader Raila amolo Odinga’s bid.

Odinga was defeated by deputy president William Samoei Ruto who was vying for the first time.

Ruto who is now the 5th president of the Republic of Kenya.

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Wanjiru Kimemia says “Wachaneni na Uhuru wetu. Nyinyi ndio mlishindwa kujipanga after all the support. Anyway, Assimio tuko opposition,”

Nancy Angela says “Mumesema kesho tunavaa blue kwenda uko ama,”

Sharleen Wambui wrote “The eyes and tears are yours…Cry all you want!! You can as well take a sabbatical leave to cry if you so wish Babu Owino,”

Azimio Family says “Even if they swear in Ruto 50 times Raila Odinga remains our President. Raila Odinga is the people’s President and that is enough. He will never force himself to the people and that’s statesmanship,”

Phylis Akuru wrote “Stop blaming Uhuru! You never believed Ruto when he said that he helped Uhuru to be the president. Strategy Babu!,”

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