How to Make Your Daughter Keep Her Virginity, Dignity, Self Respect and Honour Till Marriage

A lot of *mothers don’t care about virginity* anymore maybe because they themselves *didn’t marry as virgins*, yet they got married and feels “no big deal any way…” Or they married as virgins and still think “…and so? This world is changing.” No, the consequences of FORNICATION doesn’t change! Here are few!!

She will have damaged self esteem!* When your daughter is *uncovered and penetrated* by a *man not her husband*, her self esteem gets damaged for life except God in His mercies rebuilds it.

She will have multiple personalities that makes her act like she is possessed*. Sex is more than fusion of sexual organs. It is also the fusion of souls and spirit. When your daughter has sex with anyone, they exchange spirits and begins to take on and act their character. She may act like Tunde today, Tony tomorrow and Timothy next week!

She will become rebellious*, flout authority, dare you and your husband and break laws, why? She is doing exactly what you are doing with your husband. No big deal about you.

Her academic life will suffer!* Emotional relationship is damaging for a teenager. She withdraws from studies and focuses all her thought on a boyfriend somewhere.

Her spiritual life dies*. She can’t communicate with God.

She goes from bed to bed as she experiences broken relationships*.

She becomes a house of sexually transmitted diseases*.

She may have multiple abortions which may cause damaged womb and won’t be able to get pregnant in future*.

She goes through constant and bouts of depression*.

She becomes addicted to boys and being intimate.

She may become suicidal if she depends on boys for approval and they withdraw from the relationship*.

She may pick a wrong man in future, experience constant marital crises and end up divorced!*

With a warped mind set about sex which makes her have sex in courtship*, she may marry a man who will commit adultery in marriage, break her heart multiple times and turn her to a living corpse due to constant abuse.

She may be forced into an early, premature marriage when she gets pregnant at a tender age*.

She will bring you shame and dishonour*.

She will make you weep and regret the day she was born*.

The list goes on and on…

What Happens When Your Daughter Keeps Her Virginity?

She will have self respect, dignity and honour*.

She will be focused on God, future, vision and ambition*.

She will be disciplined, composed, calm and honorable*.

She will give you peace*.

She will bring you honour*.

6. *She will have a smooth relationship with the Lord*.

Her prayers easily get answered*.

If she is hardworking, she will excel in her studies, career and business*.

She has the potential to pick the right husband and have a great marriage*.

Her husband will honour her, you and your husband for life!*

Your in laws will honour you*.

The generations after you will call you blessed*.

God will be happy with you*.

You will have peace of mind, heart and soul*.

She will be saved from premature marriage as a result of unwanted pregnancy.

How Do You Influence Your Daughter to Keep Her Dignity Intact?

Be an example to her*. Teens learn from what you do, not what you say. If you lack dignity in word, speech and dressing, you are wasting your saliva on them.

Train them from childhood to honour their bodies!* It is senseless to wear bikini, micro miniskirt, bum short etc for your 3 years old and expect them not to wear as adults. The Bible says *”Train a child the way he should go…” (Proverbs 22:6)

Don’t romance and have sex with your husband in their presence.

Do not watch pornography or keep pornographic materials on your phone.

Stop wearing panties, bum shorts, jumpers, transparent clothes and all seductive wears around the house.

Respect your husband so they can respect his authority and you can jointly raise an emotionally healthy child.

Validate your daughter. When she acts well*, tell her so. Compliment and admire her a lot so she won’t be unnecessarily hungry and look for it from boyfriends.

Correct in love

Do not abuse in private or public*. Emotional and sexual abuse are some of the leading causes of teenage suicide world-wide.

Do not discuss their secrets with your friends.

Do not gossip your daughters.

Learn to correct in love.

Do not compare them with their peers

Correct in love
Educate them on sex as early as necessary*. Call their body.
parts the name it is called.

Pray for them DAILY.

Be their friend.

Let them be free to talk to you.

Check on them in school

Buy them self help books that will help them grow spiritually, mentally, socially and emotionally.

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