Kenyan Betting Companies have lost more than Kes 600 M in 2024 after gamblers discovered a secret source of sure matches that never lose.



Following reports from Kenyan players that they had stumbled into SokaFans, an accurate prediction website that has been winning practically every day, most gambling companies have been struggling in recent months. People who are aware with the matter say that if SokaFans stays up, Betting businesses in Kenya may soon face bankruptcy.

The degree of transparency that sets SokaFans apart from other websites is that before choosing to purchase a prediction from a tipster, a gambler can view their Betting history. Since most of the predictions on SokaFans only retail for Kes 50, they are also quite affordable.

If you’re a gambler and haven’t used SokaFans yet, you’re missing out on a huge chance to earn some real money. It is because of this prediction platform that gamblers are now winning practically every day.

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