60 Street Women in Eldoret Benefit From Free Sanitary towels

Over 60 female street families in Eldoret town on Saturday benefited from a donation of sanitary towels and panties from the Passion for Giving Initiative.

According to the organization’s CEO Winnie Chepkoech her aim is to ensure that women in the streets live a decent life while undergoing their menstrual cycle.

“We have donated sanitary towels and panties to over 60 street women  to eradicate stigma  due to lack of sanitary towels since most of them  cannot afford,” said the Passion for Giving Initiative CEO.

She said Passion for Giving Initiative aim at providing  support for, low-income and homeless women in eldoret city who can’t afford feminine hygiene 
Chepkoech who spoke to the press after donating panties and sanitary towels to the street women in Eldoret said they want female street families use good hygiene products instead of using rags to reduces the risk of diseases caused by lack of hygiene.

“We want street women to feel like other ladies while they  are having their menses by having sanitary towels. I call upon other well-wishers to come out and help the female street families,”  added Chepkoech.
She said since they started the program they have so far donated sanitary towels and panties to more than 400 women products.

She said the Passion For Giving Initiative acknowledges that menstruation can be an awkward topic for people, but it is exactly what needs to be talked about.
“When you say the word ‘tampon,’ especially to guys, they’re a little apprehensive. But it’s been fun getting them to realize it’s a hygienic necessity and a human health issue,” she said.

She said the  team has been drumming up support for a new campaign to draw attention to, and provide support for, low-income and homeless women in eldoret city who can’t afford feminine hygiene products.

“Having ran several end period shame campaign campaigns we discovered that feminine hygiene products are among the most requested items but our foundation rarely have enough pads,panties and soaps to meet the needs of our loved beneficiariesIt’s the way society views women’s needs. We don’t say what we need, and we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but it’s as necessary as toilet paper,” she added. 

She noted that their goal is to  put in the minds of other women that because it’s a monthly thing for us, that when you go buy a box every month, you buy an extra one to donate,We could make an immediate impact locally.

“Sometimes Not having regular access to feminine hygiene products can lead to difficult decisions. Not only to homeless women but also to any other woman in dire need,” she said.

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  1. you serving vulnerable women in this critical
    times is commendable 😍
    your pockets will never run dry in Jesus name….

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