Woman says her love to her husband was each day fading away; she did this to restore things back


Elizabeth a 38 year old Kenyan from Kiambu had been living in marriage for eight year now. She says just after she got her second baby, the love and affection she had been having with her husband was slowly fading out.

They had been so much in love as some times back they would romance and display their relationship even to people. They would walk in public places with her husband and each other place that her husband wanted her company. It reached some point that she even did not want to see her husband.

“I was so much in love with my husband. We enjoyed life until it reached a point that things failed to work. After I got my second born, that love to him reduced,” she said. He attention since then shifted to her children. At times her husband would force love to her but most of the times she was not in the position to make love.

They never had sex like before. In a month they would have sex once or thrice a month. She never felt weird. She thought these were the signs that she had been aging and the menopause period was on the way.
As time went by, the husband would not show interest to her of romancing as he had come to conclude that her wife was tired with the romantic life.

She said that warmth that would make her feel like having sex was no more. She still loved her husband despite what had been going on in their marriage. With her problem, her husband had now the habit of going out of their marriage for some sexual satisfaction.

Her husband would openly have sexual relationships with other woman outside their marriage.

After sometimes she hear about this herbalist Dr Mugwenu through a popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com where she contacted him having got his contact information from the website. Dr Mugwenu offered her some love marriage spells that would ensure the broken love between her and her husband was alive.

She was offered some love candles for the job and so she used them in their house as a form of decoration. Since then, love once again sparkled in their marriage as they would now enjoy that bond like before. She thanked Dr Mugwenu for making their marriage more lively and jovial as before.
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