A bottom up Woman Rose to the Highest level of leadership

Rael Chebichi Lelei, is not only just a Kalenjin woman from UG county,,,,but also,she is a real bottom up,,, I spent some time to go through her fb profile after I saw her name in the list of CAS,,,, Rael Chebichi Lelei, vied for the position of women representative under UDA ticket through fund raising, she paid the party ticket through harambee as well. She move from village to village through community and friends collected funds.

Though, money was a challenge to her,Lelei rose beyond the bearers & she became a challenge herself.She was a great mobiliser, passionate to community activities & sharing anything substantial in fb which was a plus to women & the party she was vying in.Though, she gave it all in her campaigns, Hon Gladys Boss Sholei was unbeatable.She lost to her.

The aftermath of her unsuccessful nominations, she joined woman brigade for UDA & went round the country requesting vote for KENYA KWANZA GOVERNMENT, where His Excellency Dr William Samoei Ruto was the flag bearer….

Rael Chebichi Lelei hard work in Kenya Kwanza campaigns, loyalty to the party, pave way for what is now on the public domain, CAS for East Africa community….

The position she will be gaining her first experience in public service.Her story touched me & it is a lesson to upcoming women leaders,,,,, maisha ni kujituma,you keep work unrelentlessily & died harder for the cause.I wish her well as she take the challenge in transforming Kenya in the said position.

Courtesy Joash Kemei

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