A business shares his story on how he could not make profits even after advertising his business



Njeru was really a business man who owned a construction company and had been getting tenders where he would construct houses, bridges and other forms of constructions. The company was really a big entity and he would even get the capital to advertise his business on the radio and the newspapers. He thought by doing this he will be getting more and more clients applying for his services but that was not true.

Within a month he would get three clients to four despite her investment into the business as he said he had spent millions of money to try to make the business popular.

”I spent a lot of money advertising my business only to be disappointed as the return was too low something that I wondered what did someone require to have successful business.

His rival constrictions companies had been getting good and lucrative road tenders and he would even go for a month without even getting a sub-contract something he says was a bad omen in his life which really needed to be looked into before his company would collapse. People did not chose his construction company for reasons he never understood as he even had to lower the cost of labor to make his company was competitive but still that did not
guarantee him to have customers as they still chose their rival companies over his.

“At some point I thought of quitting since I was not able to pay my worker and even service my machines and even thought of selling all my merchandise to venture into something else that would give me money sine this work was such a disgrace,”he angrily said. Almost all his businesses had the same problem as each month he would make losses despite having really invested some more money into the businesses especially the construction company. He had even went to the point of looking for someone who would buy the business for some good cash
since he had really decided to end it as he said it was not benefiting at all.

This was the time he met Dr Mugwenu a business spell caster where he shared to him his woes. Dr Mugwenu casted
some business spells which would break down the chains that had been really bring down his business and now things were to be okay as his business would once again rise and compete with the others. Since then he had been getting a lot of clients as the business I snow good and profit making than ever before due to Dr Mugwenu business spells.

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