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A Champion For Diaper Use TAKES HIS Campaign To The Western Region

A diaper user activist from the North Rift region has extended the campaign to sensitize the public against the stigma associated with diaper use among adults.

William Getumbe who is a celebrated gospel singer traversed Bungoma, Kakamega and TranzNzoia to spread the gospel of diaper use among adults affected with chronic related illnesses.

Getumbe who had won a diaper caused a stir in the venues that he made stopovers at various stopovers as scores of members of the public struggled to have a glimpse of the message.

“People who are affected with chronic illnesses should come out in open and stop suffering in silence for us to concur with the stigma associated with the use of diapers,” said Getumbe

Getumbe implored the government to intervene by removing taxes on the importation of diapers in the country so that many of the affected people can access the garments at affordable rates.

“Many people are unable to access the diaper, especially in rural and informal settlement areas of major towns because of the high cost of diapers, the move with speed to subsidise the prices,” Getumbe noted

He regretted that some of the victims have been discriminated against not only at home but also at their places of work something which needs the attention of both levels of government and also the community.

Getumbe also asked various public and private institutions of higher learning together with the government and other organisations to sponsor the initiative so that the message can reach the wider population.

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