“A Day Can’t Pass Without Me Smoking Blunts Marijuana,I Have Tried To Stop The Habit But It Always Gets On Top Of Me” Kayole Teen Painfully Narrates

Addiction can come in many ways and in my way it all started as a joke when I was back at high schoolwhere backbenchers in our classroom had a habit of smoking bhang during short breaks behind our latrines. At first I used to refuse in joining them but I was later convinced by the outcome of what they were doing.

They were always rude towards teachers and also unruly. I was amazed by their characters since girls were always fighting for them since they were considered as bad boys. I started smoking with them to attract that attitude of being unruly and feared by my fellow students little did I know it would affect my health in the coming future.

I never imagined that a day would pass without me puffing cannabis. I would wake up in the morning and first thing first was to roll some blunts and smoke even before taking my breakfast. My health deteriorated and I became weak since I had no interest in good but only drugs. It even came to a time when my own parent’s forsake me and threw me out of the house claiming that they wouldn’t live with a drug addict at their home. They had taken me to several guidance and counseling sessions that never worked. They even sent me to my local village hoping that the environment of Keroka would prevent me from being a drug addict but also never worked out.

The situation worsened and to my surprise, I couldn’t survive without a puff of marijuana. I grew thin and many suspected me of being HIV positive due to the tiny muscles I had. I had tried my best to beat drug addiction but failed on multiple attempts. My uncle had an idea since he had information on how his wife’s brother was helped beat masturbation addiction by a native doctor from Kitengela town and had to introduce me to him. After contacting Dr. KAZIMOTO,I felt shame to address my problem but he assured me it was a common problem battled by many teens and proposed to help by carrying out his Powerful Cleansing Rituals. Days later I felt relief since the process turned out to be a success and it’s been 2 years since I last smoked or abused any drugs Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO for his help that worked instantly.

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