A Day Never Ends Without My Wife Beating Me Up Like A Young Kid-A Nyahururu Man Says

His scarred face and parts of his body attract endless questions from strangers, friends and family members, forcing him to avoid them because of shame.
When we meet him, he takes a deep breath then opens up on a secret he has kept for six years.
“These scars explain the abuse and assault I have endured in my marriage,” he says.
His wife used to sell illicit brew in the slums of Kwa Kiamaina in the outskirts of Nyahururu.
“People who know me don’t ask about my family but instead enquire about the embarrassing scars that dot my face and body. The latest injury is on my right leg where I’m nursing a deep injury after she attacked me.”
“My wife constantly assaulted me. She hurls sexual abuses at me, accusing me of sleeping with other women,” says Mr. Kamau a conductor in Nyahururu town.
The 40-year-old laments that he never knew what to expect when he goes home in the evening.
“But one thing I’m sure of getting is a series of abuses even before I’m given water to bath or food. I have trouble sleeping.”
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