A Family of the Deceased Who Died During Birth Accuses MTRH Doctors of Negligence, CEO Rubbishes the Claims

The family of Loice Njoki Kariuki who died while giving birth at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital has accused doctors of negligence.

According to Bernard Gitonga the brother of the deceased said his sister underwent a caesarian and that she collapsed due to shock.

“As a family, we wanted to confirm why she died or what took her life while in the theatre because it’s evident that she died while undergoing surgery. As a family we are disappointed because we are looking at it as a child has been denied motherly love due to negligence,” said Gitonga.

The deceased was thirty-seven years old had delivered a bouncing baby girl weighing 4.3kg before collapsing.

“We had a meeting with the management and even they didn’t have a definite answer to the cause of the death. They also waiting for the autopsy for the same,” he added.

Dr. Titus Ngulungu family’s pathologist who performed the autopsy said the deceased succumbed to shock.
“The patient died because of shock and we are investigating what could have caused it as you’ve had we were not provided with the file and we are waiting for it so that we can correlate the clinical notes and our findings,” he said.

“We have also taken samples for further investigations which will confirm what happened during that operation,” he added.
However, MTRH CEO Dr. Wilson Aruasa said doctors did their best while attending to the deceased
“While we condole with the family on this loss, we want to set the record straight that MTRH did its best and within the Standard of Care while attending to the late Loice Njoki.We have nothing to hide and that’s why we cooperated with the family during the postmortem and even provided the file as requested by their private pathologist. I’m wondering why here it’s insinuated that we didn’t provide the file,” said Dr Aruasa

He noted that the death was sudden and no one knew the cause of her death.

“This was a sudden death on the operating table and up to this point in time no one knows for sure what the cause of her death was. We all await the postmortem report including tests and analysis of the samples taken from the body of the late,” The MTRH CEO noted.

“For the whole time Loice Njoki was with us from her admission on 3rd April 2023 at 12.45 pm to her death the same day 9.10 pm ( a total of 8 hours 25 minutes), we did our best in caring for her up to the time of delivery by cesarean section( CS) delivery,” he added.

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