A Few Tricks to Attract Respect and Honour- Benjamin Zulu

Hustle in the shadows
Do not broadcast your job, and people will tend to imagine it’s something bigger than what they’re doing themselves. Let them imagine. Be like a tree; hide your roots and show only your fruit. Of course you cannot perform your career in secret. You have to sell products and services. What we’re saying to keep private is your earnings and your personal career plans.

Always wear a watch; it makes you look engaged.

As if you have a lot going on. People who don’t care about time come off as if they have nothing to manage. Wearing a watch says you have a lot of things to manage. You’re an important person.

Always dress clean and elegant.

It makes you appear like a dignitary, and it makes people guess what powers you might possess. Lots of money, connections, etc. You Do not purchase trending clothes. They’re common. Rather, purchase the unique ones, those which contour with your body and give you an aura.

Create proximity with your friends rather than letting proximity create your friends. That is, do not open up to people just because you happen to be colleagues and neighbours. Rather, travel to where your true friends are and be vulnerable there. With associates and people, you happen to be in the same space incidentally, just be cordial and courteous. This will both spare you needless betrayals and preserve your respectability.

Lastly, make eye contact whenever you converse. Shake hands firmly and gently. Stand up and bow slightly when greeting your seniors and older people. Hold the door for the person coming behind you. Say thank you for every little grace people extend to you. Give your spot at the lift to that older person or expectant mother and wait for the next round yourself.

This is how you cultivate a charming and magnetic personality. This will give you persuasive power to alter opinions and course of events around you.

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