A Kenyan woman recalls how her husband brought a co-wife at their house

Marry had been in marriage for only a year. They had started their relationship back at campus where it ended up being a marriage.

Life has been so hectic as Mary said as her husband had been at sometimes telling her how he had been having plans to bring a second wife. This made their marriage to have rifts. “Each day my husband would threaten that one day he would bring a co-wife into our house as really he had no taste of me.

He said I was quickly aging plus I was not the kind of woman he deserved to live with,” she said.

Things were slowly falling out in their marriage as most of the times they never understood each other. Her husband since then developed the tendency of daily coming home late.

At some point he never came home as he would even spend like a week outside their house. She needed someone she would talk to and share her thoughts but her husband decided not to be available. She knew their relationship was slowly turning to be a toxic one.

At times she refused to have sex with her husband as she had been getting some talk on how her husband would spend most of time with other women.

At one time he husband brought home a co-wife something that he had been really uttering for a long time. Things turned to messy as they had to share one house. At some point they had to fight with her co-wife as really she was against the act of her husband bringing home another woman. This brought a lot of cases as she was even sued for injuring her with the name of protecting her territory.

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The spells were to ensure their marriage was at peace and nothing would have made them part ways. She went back home and her husband begged for forgiveness of what had been going on. He parted ways with the new lover and pledged to be loyal to Mary.

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