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A Kenyan Woman Who Made 5 Million From Vending Porridge Reveals The Secrete Behind Her Success

Everlyn Otiende who hails from Nyeri County first ventured into porridge vending business in 2017. That year she separated with her husband of 25 years and was left with nothing. Since her ex-husband left her with their five children, she begun to sell porridge around the estate to workers at a construction sites to make ends meet for her off springs.

“When I first begun selling the porridge I faced so much rejection from people, they mostly turned me down. They claimed that they could not trust my porridge since they did not see how it was prepared”, said Everlyn.

Even though Evelyn’s small business was characterized by so many hits and misses, her fortune changed once she came across a traditional herbalist called KAZIMOTO DOCTORS in 2019.

“I met this famous herbalist and he completely changed my business and my life. KAZIMOTO DOCTOR Is like a God you request him for something and he willingly grand all your wishes without asking for anything in return.

The herbalist performed a spell to boost Everlyn’s business by blessing a 50 shilling note she made from vending the porridge. Two months after the powerful herbalist casted the spell to boosted Everlyn’s business, she started receiving orders of her porridge from so many construction workers.
With time, Everlyn bagged 5 million shillings profit just from vending porridge after KAZIMOTO DOCTORS’ charm helped expand her market and gave her clients. She has currently been able to open 18 branches and is now producing her own flour courtesy of KAZIMOTO DOCTORS’ spell.

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