A lady recounts how her man dumped while she was five months pregnant and moved on with another woman

Lillian a mother of two emotionally narrated how she bumped into her lover with another woman when she was only five months pregnant. She was 23 year old when she met her husband. according to her, her husband decided to leave upon realizing his wife was pregnant.

She said her husband abandoned her while they were living together but they had not married to each other legally as they had not involved their two families on their marriage life. She recalled how she struggled with the five month pregnancy while her lover kept on pestering her friends to confirm whether she had given birth.

“My husband decided to move on with another woman and left me with nothing. We had huge
rent arrears which I had been struggling to clear. At some one point I decided to abort as I was so much tired with this life but I had to bear with the situation and fight my own battle,” she said. She established that her husband had the tendency of impregnating a lot of women and later leaving them in tricky situations as they were even several cases of woman who complained of his rogue behavior.

One day while she was perusing through social media, she came through an article about Dr Mugwenu a relationship expert who had revived thousands of failed marriages and so she had his contact. She met him at his offices where she was offered marriage restoring spells. Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimonial would not spread on news websites and feeds as she had asked. Barely a week she had met Dr Mugwenu, the man came back on his knees, pleading for forgiveness.

The man claimed he was being haunted every time he tried to make it out with another lady. His manhood was also developing some sores and had started oozing pus. He since then committed to marry Lillian after she consulted Dr Mugwenu where he promised to rectify his crooked ways for a better marriage life.

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You must be in quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very
important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

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