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A Mzungu Man Who Was Conned While On A Short Visit To Kenya Finally Gets All His Money

My name is Carlos from Texas, a few years ago, I decided to visit Kenya for a short vacation after working without a break for two consecutive years. While in Kenya I lodged in a big hotel in Nairobi City. The hotel was always swamped with both international and local tourists that had come to tour the city.

With time, I managed to make a few friends from Kenya who encouraged me to invest on a hotel business in Mombasa. They insisted that the hotel would be a good investment since it would generate more income for me because the small city is considered a hot bed for tourist attraction.

I blindly agreed to their proposals and invested a few millions on the business deal. A few days after I made the investment, my friends were nowhere to be seen. I immediately called the police but they were not of great help to me. They only warned me to be careful next time and offered no help to catch the perpetrators.
Even though the police did not help me, I never gave up on trying to find justice for myself so I asked a few locals working in the hotel for other ways to find justice for myself and they encouraged me to consult a witch doctor called Kazimoto Doctors. The locals insisted that the herbalist ways are more effective since his magic works less than 24 hours.

I contacted the herbalist and informed him of my troubles. He assured me that the individuals who conned me would be punished severely. A few days later, the perpetrators showed up at my hotel with all the money they stole from me. They claimed that they all were being haunted by scary ghosts for stealing for me. One of them had had a scary dream instructing him to return my money or die so they gathered everything they had ever stolen and sold them to return all my money.

I am thankful for Kazimoto Doctors for this. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from Kazimoto Doctors.
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