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A section of Matutu and bodaboda operators Eldoret Want President Ruto to reduce Fuel Prices

A section of Matutu and bodaboda operators Eldoret want President William Ruto to reduce the cost f fuel.
Fuel prices in Kenya surged to record highs on Thursday after the new government slashed subsidies, piling on the misery for a population already facing deep economic hardship.
The price of petrol increased by Ksh20 to KSh179.30 (about Sh3,580) per liter while diesel and kerosene prices are up by Sh400 and Sh500 respectively, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said.
Speaking to the press they said it’s uncalled for and they will only get losses.

“As a matatu operator operating with Eldoline Sacco, I want to urge the new government to help us fix the economy by bringing down the cost of fuel. We all know, that a high cost of living will lead to a poor economy and the hiked fuel prices have cost our lives, our public vans are from loans which have now been a tough task to pay for it,” Philip Serem said.

He said due to the high cost of fuel it may end up losing their jobs since passengers are not willing to pay extra transportation fees.

During his inauguration on Tuesday President William Ruto indicated that he will immediately drop the fuel subsidies to, set up Kenyans for higher transportation and production costs.

“Kenya’s economy is no longer favorable and this means we might end up quitting our jobs sooner or later. As Lengut SACCO in Eldoret fuel to us is everything In our daily activities in the hunt for daily bread. High prices have led to disagreement between us and our customers because it is not easy to hike transportation fees abruptly. “Samuel Chepkulei said.

They said thye will increase their transport fees to cater to the increases in fuel prices.

“ Fuel prices used to be kshs . 159 but we woke up today and found it being sold at kshs. 179 . We don’t have profit at all and for our customers, we are going to increase transportation fees,” said Kiprop.

“To be honest we never expected this and we urge the government to reduce these prices to up to kshs. 120 so that we can survive in this tough economy”. Benard kiplimo SAID

With its new Fuel Products Pricing System being introduced on the 15th of every month, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority [EPRA] has made it clear to all fuel operators that they must adjust their pricing as per these prices set by the agency.

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