We have good people, then there are great people. But legends are the rare exceptions to walk the face of earth.

The history of Kenya police is rich and is built on character and temperament of some great officers. Men and women from across rank and file who defied all odds to not only serve but serve with distinction. Sadly, majority are and remain buried in obscurity despite their great contribution and accomplishment to enrich society in general and our communities in particular.

Within this rare cohort is that limited number of unsung Legends. And when their history is finally sketched and immortalized, one name shall stand out: Force Sergeant Major Ndwili Mwana wa Kalundu!

“Force”’, as he was fondly called, was revered, loved and conversely loathed in the same measure. With scanty details of his enlistment, what is established is his retirement from the Force/Service in 1992.

“Force” was the bridge between the seniors and juniors. He held an enviable unique rank, Force Sergeant Major, the only rank at the helm of all junior ranks (constables to senior sergeants) and below the seniors (inspectors to the then commissioner of police at the helm). His rank equally bestowed upon his office an equally unique mandate of enforcing discipline on the juniors across the space of national policing. Owing to such uniqueness, his office was based at the Kenya Police College, Kiganjo.

This arrangement served good cause. “Force” had an opportunity to interact with all officers right from inception after enlistment, through all trainings including the on-the-job learning at the college, especially during promotion courses for the juniors at all levels.

As such he was a permanent fixture within the college – the first officer reporting recruits and course men and women met at the guard house (main gate), and one who would annoyingly sneak on all trainees at their moments of evil escapades. He simply never tired to ensure all was going on smoothly at the college. Mischief was kept at bay and learning went uninterrupted. That was “Force” for you!

And when did “Force” retire for a nap? Those of us who were privileged to be under his tutelage still argue on this without an answer. Waking up everyday at 4am for the mandatory morning run till late night when the last post was sounded for sleep, “Force” was up and about, the first and last person you encountered, in uniform and making rounds to sniff out mischief!

This was both good and bad for trainees. He was the “necessary evil” of the college; the guy you loved to hate when around, yet hated to love his absence, even for the briefest moment!

The impact of “Force’s” influence thus was evidently visible on the outcomes of discipline across the Service. He did shape cop culture at the time, and officers of all ranks owed their fortunes to him; debating him across the nation in police canteens, senior staff messes including those on beat with awe. Whenever you were on the verge of betraying your conscience, a flash of “Force’s” admonishions put you back on track! His scoldings were etched in our inner voices.

Ever since legendary “Force” exited the stages of service and then life, we in the Service remained his orphans. To those who came after this legend, those of us who are his protégés owe you some great cop lessons on good policing.

“Force”, your distinguished service to the Service and the Nation was not in vain, and your legacy continues to shine and grow. As you sleep with the angels, may your memory be a blessing to all of us still carrying your legacy forward in perpetuity!

Courtesy National Police Service

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