A woman says her hubby left him a day after she came out of the delivery ward

A Kenyan woman identified as Shantel, took her story on her social media handles as she highlighted how her husband dumped her a day after she gave birth to their child. Sharing her concerns, she said that they were in marriage for two years and her husband had been such a responsible man who respected their marriage life.

She says on the delivery day, she tried to call her husband but found out that his mobile number was off. When she came back from their hospital, she was shocked that her husband had already vacated the room they were living in.

“I was so much shocked to find out that my husband had even vacated the room we had been living in. He told our neighbors are that we had been planning to move to a different house something that we had never talked before. When I did my research, I found out that he had already moved on with another woman,” She highlighted.

She was forced to go back to her parents’ home as now there was no one to take care of their new born. At her parents’ home, she did everything to convince her husband to get back to their marriage but it seemed he had already made his mind that he has moved on with another woman.

Shantel even went to the point of using her immediate relatives to try and convince her husband to get back to her but it seemed things would not get back to normality. Still she said she loved her husband.
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He had helped other women having the same problem and now they were happily living on their marriages. She met Dr Mugwenu at his office and spells to bring back her husband were casted. In addition, Dr Mugwenu promised her that her testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds. Few weeks later, her husband had already accepted to get back to their marriage.
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