After failing to win big on the job market, Unemployed Nairobi man, 36 years old, take a gamble on online sports betting and he is now a millionaire

Yusuf Omanga, 36, has always dreamed of making good money. After finishing university in 2011 he initially planned to be an artist, but after a decade of struggling, he decided it was time to look at other options. Since March last year, the father-of-two has been a full-time online gambling after learning that a close friend had won Kes 150,000 by predicting the final score of a football game with a Kes 10 bet. 

“At first I didn’t win any money so I gave up. But I returned to the game after learning that I just needed time to understand how to place the bets wisely and get the right source of sure predictions,” says Yusuf.

Like most gamblers in the country, Yusuf places bets on football games in the various top European leagues, although local leagues and lesser-known international leagues are also popular. The trick, he says, is to place as many bets as possible, to bet on small teams that offer better odds and to place bets daily. Winning is not about luck, according to Yusuf. Betting is hard work.

“I came to realize the reason why i was losing is because of depending on guesswork and poorly analyzed predictions. I started doing research on where to get sure predictions and that how i landed on this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and my life has never been the same again. On SokaFans, you will meet thousands of tipsters who sell sure predictions and at affordable price say Kes 50 bob. I decided to try it for one week and was surprised after winning bets the entire week and was sure i had landed on a genuine prediction platform,” He adds.

SokaFans is a prediction platform that connects thousands of gamblers to profitable tipsters. Tipsters on the platform are vetted and ranked according to their performance hence it becomes easy for a gambler to identify most profitable one and buy sure prediction from them. SokaFans is very transparent in that a gambler is able to see a tipster’s betting history before deciding whether to buy tips from them or not.

“Since i started using SokaFans i have been winning almost everyday.  The secret to be successful in betting is reducing your odds and increasing your stake amount. Betting has help me start several businesses, buy two cars and build a 4 bedroom house. If betting is done the right way it can be very profitable but if you depend on poor analyzed predictions and guesswork ,then be guaranteed you will lose your money. If you are a gambler and not using SokaFans then you are missing out bigtime,” he says.

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