After My Kenyan Husband Dumped Me for Being Barren and Said I was a Burden to Him; Woman Says

I am Jane and since I got married to my Kenyan man, my life became a living hell. This is because I struggled with fertility issues and he was not so kind to me when he learnt that I could not give him a child.

The man, his mother and sisters would harass me for my condition and tell me that I was a useless woman for being barren and that I was wasting my husband’s time. Their words would cut so deep but I still clung to hope that maybe one day I would be able to bear my husband a child so that he could love me more.
However, they all chased me away and told me I was a burden to them due to my barrenness and was bringing shame to them. They took me back to my parents’ house and said they did not want to ever see me again. My mother felt so bad for me.

“My daughter I am so sorry for what you have been going through. I wish you told me what was happening I would have given you Doctor Kazimoto’s number,” she told me.

My mother told me Doctor Kazimoto would have helped heal the condition that made me barren. I was in disbelief. I had visited many doctors who told me that my condition could not be healed. I immediately called the daktari and we set up a meeting.

The following day, I went to his Nairobi office to see him and he gave me herbs and also cast a healing spell. He assured me that I would now be able to conceive after taking his traditional medicines. I asked him for a spell that would restore my marriage and even that he did. The spell made my husband miss and want to be with me.
Indeed, the spell worked greatly as the following day, my husband came to my parents’ home to look for me. He begged for forgiveness for mistreating me and I am so grateful that my marriage is now thriving and what’s more; I am a mother of two children. Doctor Kazimoto really came through for me.

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