Akiriamas residents in Amukura West Ward have thanked Busia Governor, H.E Sospeter Ojaamong for initiating many development projects in the area, a feat they said has improved their livelihoods.
The Governor had visited the area to condole with the family of the late Aggrey Osura Okwara, 82, who will be laid to rest on Thursday at Atoto village.

Amukura West Member of the County Assembly, Hon Abiud Ochillangole said the Governor has done alot in the area both as a Member of Parliament for Amagoro Constituency and Governor.

” H.E Ojaamong was the brain behind the construction of Akiriamas Primary and St. Mark ACK Machakusi Secondary Schools. He was also instrumental in construction of Machakusi-Odiria road,” he said.

Ochillangole added, “The governor is also credited for initiating the construction of Akiriamas dispensary with the ongoing construction of a laboratory set to change the phase of the health facility. We can also not forget rural electrification program which has benefited the rural folk.”
Others who lauded the Governor for opening up the area included his fellow alumni at St St Paul’s Amukura High School, Stephen Omadir and Rev Edward Changas of ACK Amukura.

The Governor thanked Hon Ochillangole for initiating many development projects in his ward, making him among top MCAs in the county in terms of development.

H.E Ojaamong said during his tenure as Amagoro MP before it was split into Teso North and Teso South Constituencies, he negotiated for the creation of Alupe University with Professor Margaret Kamar as Minister for Higher Education and the late Mwai Kibaki as President.

” My administration is currently undertaking the construction of a multi-million Amukura Hospital that will culminate in upgrading it from a Health Centre to Sub County Hospital,” he said.
H.E Ojaamong exonerated his administration over constant shortage of drugs in health institutions, blaming KEMSA for delaying to deliver supplies sometimes by six months

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