‘Am Only Attracted to Gay Men, I Need Help’ Kakamega Lady Cries Out

Sometimes, it is no good at all to be different, to not want what everyone wants. We all want to belong, to fit in, to be appreciated and be accepted as whole, regardless of our imperfect perfections. My name is Phyllis Wepukhulu, a 24 year old single lady from Kakamega. Imagine at my age, I’m yet to date anyone. This is primarily because I have noticed that I have a thing for gay men, those that gossip more than ladies, wear makeup, high heels and speak in feminine tones. Embarrassing right? Not even close, I also masturbate a lot.

In high school and in college, I used to avoid boys, as my mother strictly forbade me and my sister from being spotted with one. The day a boy came home to ask for me, I was made to explain who he was, what he wanted, why is he was light-skinned and apologize in capital letters. Since then, I made it clear that boys will be kept far from me, my body and my home. But, man cannot survive on bread alone. Eventually, feelings came, of want, of need for a companion, someone to kiss and make out. But, I was immediately conflicted, as my choice didn’t rhyme with that of others. It was not acceptable, and I knew it. A gay man in our home would get slaughtered and fed to the chickens.

It wasn’t easy to open up, but eventually I did, asked for help from a Counsellor in Kakamega. I was literally trembling as I entered her office. Surprisingly, she understood, listened keenly and asked if I wanted to rid myself of my illicit attraction. I said yes. That’s when she referred me KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, an herbalist from Kitengela who she says, knew how. I contacted them through 0741930918 and booked an appointment. Using very powerful healing and Spiritual Cleansing Rituals, I got the help I so desperately needed. As of now, I have a boyfriend, a bearded, strong boyfriend stronger than your boyfriend. I love him so much. Thanks to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, gay men belong to the “yuck!!” category.

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