A businessman named Bett Samwel Kipyegon is rejoicing over a significant sports betting win, which comes as a timely blessing after his unsuccessful bid for the position of Member of County Assembly (MCA) in the 2022 General Election. He expressed gratitude for the win, noting that it will help him recover the substantial amount of money he spent on his political campaign. 

Bett stated that he placed his first bet of KSh 3,125, which he won, earning him KSh 2.6 million. The next day, he placed a second casino bet worth KSh 2,000 and won KSh 200,000, resulting in a total earnings of KSh 2.8 million within a span of only two days.

Bett expressed that the win came at the perfect time, as it will enable him to enhance his investments and explore opportunities in the real estate sector.

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