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Arnesen’s Boys High school Students Demonstrate

Arnesen’s Boys High school boys held a peaceful demonstrations calling for the removal of their principal.

Theey accused their principal for the absence of teachers, denying them access to the school library, insufficient toilets, and lack of water among others.

“We have decided to walk for 40 kilometers, we want our principal removed since he has failed in his mandate, as we are talking we don’t have teachers, toilets, dining hall, and even water,” said one of the students.
“We have tried to reach out to him but he has always ignored us, we are calling on the teacher’s service commission to post another principal with immediate effect,” another one added.

Ainabkoi Sub-County Commissioner Charles Laboso promised to solve the matters with immediate effect.

“We received students from Arnesens High School who had trekked for 40 kilometers calling they were complaining they have issues with toilets, food rationing, lack of teaching staff and facilities such access to the library. We have sat down with them and promised to look at ways of solving it for them to continue with their education,” said the Ainabkoi Sub-County Commissioner.

“We have listened to their grievances as a team from the sub-county and we have resolved that the board should ensure that the toilet facilities are up to standards, issue of teachers addressed among other grievances,” he added.

He noted that the students had minor injuries because they had walked for over kilometers but the issue was taken care off.

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