Artisanal Miners Formulation


A priority area under Kenya Kwanza government is job creations, improve cost of living, revenue generation among others.

Artisanal miners are critical mass carrying out mining operations in their area for a living. In the past, they were despised, harassed and forgotten. Not anymore.

KK government appreciates all who work to earn a honest living.

This necessitated us to formulate targeted policies that includes decriminalizing their operations, formalization into marketing Cooperatives, Gazettement of county specific Artisanal miners committee (AMC), delineation specific areas for Artisanal mining, issuance of permits through AMC and capacity building.

The State Department for Mining is developing an integrated Artisanal Mining Management System to map out, register and maintain database of artisanal miners across the sector.

An enabled, formalised Artisanal miners will create more employment, ensure artisanal earnings grow and improve their living standards.

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