Azimio la Umoja leaders from Uasin Gishu Condemn Stonning of Raila Odinga’s Chopper

Azimio la Umoja leaders from Uasin Gishu have condemned the recent stonning of the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Chopper during the burial of Mzee Jackson Kibor.

led by Kiplombe Ward MCA Ramadhan Ali thye termed the incident as unfortunate and ill-intended.

“As Azimio la Umoja leaders we want to condemn the act with the strongest terms possible, the move is uncalled for and should not have been done to a leader like Raila Odinga , whose mistake was going to mourn his long term friend Jackson Kibor,” said Ali while speaking to the press.
They said everybody no matter his political affiliation should be allowed to seek votes across the country.
“Let’s have political tolerance by allowing everyone to look for votes in all parts of the country and embrace peace. We are calling on the Soy member of parliament Caleb kositany to leave party politics, and preach peace since without peace you cannot be elected,” he added.
Joseph Kemboi chairman ODM party Uasin Gishu County said the incident was against the Kalenjin culture and should be condemned by people of goodwill.

“As a Kalenjin elder what happened in Kabenes during the burial of Mzee Kibor is uncalled for and against our culture, Kibor was a respected leader and did not deserve such. How can you stone a person who has come to cry with you” he wondered.

He said politicians should seek votes peacefully and should at all costs avoid dividing Kenyans based on their political and tribal lines.

Joseph Wanyonyi chiarm DAPK said all those who were involved should be arrested and charged to act as an example to people with the same behaviors.

“All of those who were involved should be arrested and charged since this is setting a bad precedence and other aspirants will be walking in fear not knowing what will happen to them in regions perceived to be their competitors,” he said.

He further called on residents to leave harmoniously with one another and should not be divided just because of politics since it’s one-day affair.

Quiter Adhiambo called on youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians since thye are the cause of violence.

“Youths let’s come together and speak peace just listen to them if thye give you money just accept but don’t do what thye tell you to do,” she said.

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