Betrayal turns best friends into sworn enemies in Nairobi, creating a vicious cycle of hatred spewing even to their mothers as more details emerge

Trevor and Dennis have been besties for more than a decade. Dennis changed his school of choice just to be close to his best friend, who ended up in a day school. They did the same course in campus; Bachelor of Arts in Agribusiness and Technology. They even ended up working for the same company. Their sweet friendship started going sour when Dennis was promoted at Trevor’s expense. Trevor had expected to clinch the spot but somehow, Dennis got the nod ahead of him. He became jealous. So jealous that he made a scheme to discredit his friend. Unfortunately, instead of just tarnishing his name, he ended up firing him. When news emerged that Dennis siphoned company funds, which he didn’t, Trevor set him up, he was dismissed with immediate effect.

“You are going to pay for this Trevor. I have been nothing but a good friend to you. A good friend stabs you from the front but you have complicated my situation. Actions have consequences, you will soon find out” Dennis swore revenge. Trevor ignored his threats and continued enjoying his recently elevated status. He even mocked him in front of everyone during the weekend, saying that being jobless suits him. Worse, rumors started flying that Trevor was spotted leaving a lodging with Dennis’s mother at night. If Dennis hated his former friend, now he is totally disgusted at his sight.

It was on a Thursday afternoon when screams were heard emanating from Trevor’s office. When those around got in, Trevor was naked, holding his secretary by the neck and yelling insanities at her. Brenda was both terrified and frantic, trying to catch a breath. Those who tried to reason with him were insulted. It became clear that he had gone mad. They restrained him and took him home. Dennis was informed of a vacancy at work and got re-instated.
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