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Betting turns 26 years old college drop-out into a Millionaire in just 3 Months. Buys land, cars and builds his parents a house in the village

A 26 years old Nairobi college drop out as a narrated how he managed to make Millions in just 3 months that allowed him to buy land, cars and build his parents a house in the village through betting. He says he started betting 2 years ago but he was making losses every time and then 6 months ago while browsing on the internet he came across this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and his life has never been the same again. We meet with him has he narrates to us about his success journey. 

“My name is Peter Murithi and am 26 years old. I was brought up in hardship until i dropped out of college due to lack of school fee. I  started betting 2 years ago due to my love of football but i was losing most of the time. Then 6 months ago while browsing on the internet i came across this amazing prediction platform called SokaFan and my life has never been the same again. On SokaFans you will find thousands of tipsters with proven track record who provide sure betting tips and at affordable price say Kes 50 bob only. The good thing about this platform is that tipsters are ranked according to their winning rate hence it easy as a gambler to identify a profitable tipster and buy sure odds from them,” he narrates.

For beginners, SokaFans is a prediction platform that connect gamblers with profitable tipsters. There are thousands of tipsters who sell sure odds and the good thing is that it is very transparent in that a gambler will be able to see a tipster betting history before buying tips from them. The reason why most gamblers lose in betting is because of depending on pure guesswork and poorly analyzed matches but with SokaFans that is about to end. If betting is done the right way it can be very profitable.

To get started as tipster is absolutely free but you get charged a small fee when your tips are bought on the platform. You only required to do good analysis of matches before posting so as to ensure the gambler buying your tip will at least win. If you are at analyzing football matches then SokaFans is the most sure way of making passive income say Kes 5,000 everyday.

“I have been using SokaFans for 5 months now and have been winning almost everyday. I have made millions since i discovered SokaFans that has helped me buy land, two cars and build a good house for my parents back in the village. If you are a gambler and not using this platform ,then you are missing a lot. Online platforms like SokaFans are changing people’s lives especially this time of hard economy where most people have lost their jobs and source of livelihood,” he adds.

If you wish to make extra income in betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started.

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