Big NO to Koffi Annan Like Talks-Kesses MP to Raila Odinga

Kesses member of parliament Julius Ruto has hit at the opposition leader Raila Odinga for calling for Koffi Annan like talks.

Ruto says the move is uncalled for and ill intended.

“We don’t want to go back to the koffi-Annan like commitee because Annan came to Kenya because there was contested elections, we don’t have contested elections we have a legitimate government which was elected by Kenyans and confirmed by the IEBC,” said the Kesses legislator.

He spoke during the 4 by 4 Safari Rally tree planting exercise at Kapseret forest.

Odinga says a parliamentary process proposed by President William Ruto may not address the opposition’s demands that led to mass demonstrations in the country.

“We won’t form another accord, this is a dream in darkness and we are not going to allow it whatsoever, he should instead accept the Bipartisan approach,” he added.

He futher called on Kenyans to plant maize saying this is the only and sure way that will reduce the cost of living.

“Let’s stop this demonstrations nonsense and instead go to our farms and plants maize, this is the only way that the price ofaize flour will reduce if we have high production thr price will definitely go down,” he noted.

He noted that Conservation of environment starts with an individual noting that planting trees will give the earth a brighter future!

“As directed by H.E President William Ruto to plant a target of 15 Billion trees in the next ten years as part of the government effort to conserve the environment.I urge all Kenyans to use this rainy season to plant trees,” he said.

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