Bilateral talks between Trade CECM and Honda Kenya brings relieve to motorbike operators

Trade and Industrialization County Executive Stanley Kirui on Wednesday held bilateral talks with the country Director of Honda Motorcycle Kenya Limited Mr. Yoshitaki Nakamura seeking to increase affordability through cost cutting measures.

Mr. Kirui who hosted the Honda country director at his office in the department headquarters in Kitale sought to place the county on the right path of attaining the development legacy blueprint set by the county C.E.O Governor George Natembeya.

His talks with Mr. Nakamura solidly centered on five focal points with an aim of strengthening the trade ties between Honda and the county government. Among the critical issues canvassed were affordability of the machines, direct sourcing, safety awareness, future partnerships and jobs creation.

“In a scenario where young people have been choking under the exploitative and exorbitant sale of mortobikes, this move will offer a reprieve and set the platform where the affected persons will be buying the bikes at reasonable prices and they will no longer be living in the fear of their machines being repossessed under crafty and mysterious schemes again like what’s currently happening,” said Mr. Kirui.

The talks also focused at bringing about direct sourcing given that middlemen have for a long time made it difficult for certain commodities to be ordered and shipped without annexed outrageous costs.
Direct manufacturer sourcing will cure and seal all loopholes used by the exploitative middlemen who in turn make transactions of this kind so cryptic.

A window for road safety riding and awareness, setting up of an assembly point in the county and job creation dominated the talks that would bring about mutual benefits to all the partners.

The two exuded mutual confidence that at the fruition of the items discussed, the county will be placed on the right path of attaining its development goals.

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