Bipartisan talks outside parliament are not breaking the law- Martha Karua

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua now says bipartisan talks outside parliament are not breaking the law.

Speaking during the Iftar dinner held in Nairobi County, Karua said thye are advocating for the talks outside parliament thereafter to be passed in parliament.

“Dr. William Ruto should stop saying that talks outside parliament are breaking the law. Let me teach you some law, there is nowhere in the constitution that says any Kenyan should not talk “said the Azimio La Umoja party leader running mate.

Karua said the government under the leadership of President William Ruto should open servers to confirm whether the August polls that they are contesting were free and fair.

“Since 2007, we have never had elections without results being contested for not being free and fair. In 2007 we made a coalition government thinking the new constitution would help but it dint, the same happened in 2013 and in 2017 to court failed to give procedures for the election and in 2022 we were harassed by the Court terming our evidence as hot air,” she said.

Karua also said that for the Country to have peace servers must be opened.

“For our Country to have peace and unfair elections to end, servers must be opened, “Karua noted.

She thanked the Muslim Community for the support and votes that they gave them as a coalition.

“I am happy because we are having Iftar together and I urge that we move together so that we can save our country. Let’s pray for our Country is passing through a hard time economically “she said.

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