Bishop Kimengich Message to Students During April Holidays

Schools across the Country have been closing for the April holidays, Eldoret Catholic Bishop Dominic Kimengich has advised the students to use this time wisely and be of help to their parents during their stay at home.
The bishop called on t students to exhibit good manners and deeds that will endear them to their parents, neighbors, and fellow students at home during their holidays.

“I want to wish our students happy holidays when going to their respective homes to be with their parents and assist them in various capacities. I plead with them to be ready to help their parents, especially during this planting season, it is good for them to engage in these activities and help parents. While staying with their parents they should also respect them and show good manners that will be pleasing the parents. I call on all our students to use this time well in interacting with parents and other neighbors as well as a time to rest and do things that are right before God and parents.” said Bishop Kimengich.

With plenty of vices that may lead them into temptations, the bishop has called upon the students to refrain from engaging in acts that will destroy their futures, their reputation, and dignity while putting their lives at risk since they are still growing up.

“We call on the students to desist from the many things we are currently witnessing from alcohol to drugs to sexual vices. Especially the elder kids who if not careful will fall into this trap and this will affect their future lives. I call on them to completely stay away from these issues that will not be pleasing to their parents and God.” added Bishop Kimengich.

Further calling on parents to create quality time and spend with the kids so as to get to understand them as they grow up while getting to know where and who they are always with to prevent them from falling into bad traps.

“I call on the parents to create time and spend time with their children. Let it not be work all through and no quality time to spend with your family. They should also ensure these kids are present at home or if they are out, they know who they are out with and the friends they like talking to because it is their responsibility as parents to ensure their children grow into responsible persons in society.” Said the bishop.

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