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Bizarre as a Fridge is Stuck on a Thieves Back

There was a bizarre incident in Kitale Trans-Nzoia County after a fridge stuck on the back of the
person who had stole it.
According to eye witnesses the man by the name Joel Nasongo had stolen the fridge from a
popular shop in Kitale town.

“Today I have seen what I haven’t seen since I was born, in our town there has been increased
cases of theft and we are happy that today we have seen the people who have been disturbing
us,” said Nasongo.

The fridge costs Sh 25,000.

The owner of the shop says that he has been experiencing many cases of theft and that why he
decided to go for Kazi Moto Doctors who helped him in arresting the thief since the police were
sleeping on their job.

“I reported the theft cases to the police until I was tired but Kazimoto Doctors have taught the
thief a lesson that he will never forget.
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