Bizarre As Man Meant To Testify IN a Murder Case In High Court State Bleating Like a Goat

My name is Lorma, sometime back in 2016, my son was involved in a deadly gang in Ruiru they used to rob and kill the residents of Nairobi. Towards the beginning of 2017, the police flashed the whole gang and arrested them for the robbery they conducted in Syokimau where three people died.

The case against my son was tough, no lawyer in Kenya wanted to handle his murder case since he was guilty. We went on several hearings with no great defense, on my son’s first hearing, the judge gave him a life sentence. We however decided to appeal the ruling and by good luck, the court granted us a second hearing which was to be heard at the high court.

I was not ready to lose the case during our second hearing and so I decided to seek the services of a traditional herbalist called KAZIMOTO DOCTORS. He performed a spell to help me win the case and automatically free my son from jail. He also gave me a powerful herb and instructed me to take to court while the hearing was ongoing.

The herb issued to me by KAZIMOTO DOCTORS compelled the witnessed presented to testify against my son bleat like a goat every time the magistrate asked him to inform the court on what happened on the day of the robbery. The bleating went on for hours which eventually made the magistrate hearing our case rule in favor of my son. The case was dismissed due to lack of concrete evidence and my son was freed for life. This is all thanks to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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