Bottomless Caves in Nandi County Where locals Regard as Myths

Bottomless cave believed to have mysteriously existed for centuries, locals regards as the myths and cultural epitome.

The community believe to have dug by the unseen spirits, thus dabbed Chebaloi, meaning ‘dug by demons’ and tales stories about its existence of bottomless cave in Ngechek village in Nandi County. 

Visibly, narrow footpaths leads to the hole surrounded by lush of green canopy which is apparently  patronized by the locals and people from far away, and of course with the nature of the serenity, it turned to be tourism destination.  

Abandoned Chebaloi cave with the narrow entrance, many driven by curiosity to explore to find out what is contained on the dark rocky walled meandering tributaries.

According to residents, no one can attest how the cave came into being as a belief, tracing back to 1800, claiming that the spirits were living inside the hole and shifted to unknown place leaving behind an insatiable hole behind.

Amon Lilan, a resident, narrated the abandoned hole was an hide out of the community warriors in early 1900, the community practiced primitive economic activities. 

Tracing back to the colonial era, Lilian, 75, intimated the rebellious warriors of Kaplelach age set in the clamor of flashing out British, the agitators used to cave as the hide out. 

“After successful reign and cattle trafficking, the warriors adjourn there their journey by resting in the cave,” he said while showing animal bones littering around the cave stating that they slaughtered animals and roasted as food
Born and bred in the in the little know village atop on the rocky escapement, Lilan attested that the mysteries rife about Chebaloi passed from one generation to the other which Nandi elders have conserved as a sacred side to them. 

“Foreigners have been paying a visit and some even making attempts of entering inside and coming out without reaching the end,” Lilan said claiming that those with arboreal enthusiastic visit cave side which is currently of home of various species of bats.

He narrated that “Numerous branches confuses and no one should go alone, need more than five people to help one another to trace the way back through synonymous tributaries underground,”

Rekindling of his youthful days when the community decided to block it owing to risk of their livestock felling into it, he said that was then 1954. 

” We threw logs and stones on the entrance and in the fourth day, surprisingly, all the barricades had been removed,” said Mzee Lilan urging that the site was reserved since then. 

Mythical stories and attributes regarded to Chebaloi cave, local learners including primary and secondary take a retreat in the site to study nature and environmental aspects.

“For decades we have been visiting and courageous students curiously getting into the cave to observe fungus, naturally arranged rocks beneath it. It’s provide an adventurous learning retreat,” said Paul.

Kemboi, a teachers from the local school
He said that the rocky surrounding of the cave and hilly points provides a view point for the children to unwind on the beautiful terrain watching of low lands to the series of Nandi Hills.

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