Breaking; Here are number of people that have lost lives since Azimio protests began-please stay safe

According to the source, new details have just emerged about the number of people who have been shot by police officers in the country. As per the latest updates shared by Kazimoto Doctors it has been finally confirmed that two people from Rongo who were protesting were shot on their legs by police officers. It has also emerged that the two protesters have been rushed to the hospital for further checkups and treatment. Also, last week, police, who were overwhelmed by protesters, were forced to use live bullets, which unfortunately killed one student from Maseno University. Today one more person has been shot dead in demonstrations in Kisumu as the police tried dismissing angry protesters.

This just came in after police officers in different parts of the country engaged in battles with protesters. Further, some youths have been arrested by police officers in some counties.

ODM leader Raila Odinga is currently in Kwangware to address his supporters. It has emerged that police officers were able to block ODM leader Raila Odinga’s motorcade, and they also used water cannons to disperse the protesters.

This just came in after ODM leader Raila Odinga confirmed that he is ready to be arrested and that he will not surrender until the prices of essential commodities are affordable.
All Kenyans are encouraged to avoid using the routes that are witnessing protests because they are very risky. Use alternative routes and stay safe.
Let us hope that nobody will lose his or her life due to these cases of demonstrations.
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