Budget Committee Continues With Scrutiny of Financial Recommendation On Supplementary Budget

The Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) has reviewed reports of 12 Departmental Committee reports on the 2023/24 1st Supplementary Budget Estimates. Under the leadership of Hon. Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu), the Committee engaged with the chairpersons of the Departmental Committees to scrutinize their financial recommendations as detailed in their reports.

A recurring theme across all the Departmental Committee reports is the request for approval of reallocations, encompassing both reductions and increases. Notably, a significant development in this regard is the potential allocation of an additional Ksh. 2.4 billion for Junior Secondary Schools, contingent on approval by the Budget Committee and the House. This allocation arises from realignments proposed by the Education Committee.

During the meeting, Hon. Julius Melly, Chairperson of the Education Committee, pointed out that these funds would facilitate the construction of more classrooms and resource centres with management falling under the purview of the NG-CDF.

Additionally, Hon. Japhet Kareke Mbiuki, Chairperson of the Tourism and Wildlife Committee, said that his committee wholeheartedly approved the proposed Supplementary Estimates 1. Nevertheless, Hon. Mbiuki sought approval for a reallocation of Ksh. 530 million from the Tourism Fund and Tourism Promotion to accommodate the enhanced Appropriations in Aid (AIA). These funds are earmarked for various critical purposes, including the setup of the Tourism Research Institute, provision of water for wildlife in protected areas, maintenance of access roads and airstrips in Parkway Conservancies, the HHuman-WildlifeMitigation program, and the Ranger Housing Program, among others.

Furthermore, the Committee also examined reports from the Energy, Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works, Communication, Information and Innovation, Sports, Culture, Trade, Industry & and cooperativesRegional Development, and Labor Departmental Committees.

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