Bungoma County Governor Launches Water Drilling Rig, Test Pumping Unit, Support Truck and Geotechnical Equipments

Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati has today commissioned a new truck mounted water drilling rig, a truck mounted Test pumping unit, support truck and Geotechnical equipments  worth Sh77m that was bought early last month by his Administration. 
Addressing the residents of in Siboti ward of Bumula sub county, where the launch fete was held, Governor Wangamati said the rig will offer a lasting  solution to major water challenges in bungoma county.
“We will not just drill boreholes, but we shall go further and erect raised tanks, install pumps that will pump water to the tanks, and distribute the water to the community as piped water,” said the Governor.
First phase of the project will see each of the 45 wards of Bungoma county get a borehole drilled.
The Governor pointed out that, apart from the boreholes to be drilled using the new rig, his administration in collaboration with the Korean Government, is Constructing KOICA I AND KOICA II piped water projects, which draws Water from Mt Elgon, and pipes it to Kanduyi, Sirisia and Bumula sub Counties. 
He highlighted the major water projects that his Administration intends to  commission in Bumula and sirisia this financial year, puting emphasis on Chesikaki-Bumula-siria water project that will cost approximately Ksh.80M.
The new Drilling Rig is expected to sink high yield boreholes across the County. Last week during it’s field testing, the rig sunk the  first high yield borehole that is estimated at 5,000 litres of water per hour. The 120m borehole at Namirembe Dispensary in Bukembe west is expected to serve a population of approximately 60 households.
CECM water, Hon. Renson Makheti in his remarks said agreeing to purchase these state of art machines, was well thought of,  for it will  reduce delays associated with outsourcing rigs and cutting costs associated with Drilling water.
Makheti  emphasized that the task ahead is to increase the  water coverage and reduce the walking distance to the nearest  water source.  
The Governor was accompanied by CECM Roads, Hon. Collins Mukhongo, CECM Health, Hon.Walela,  MCAs: Hon. Wamusai, Hon. Luseneka, Hon. Balala. chief officer Water, Eng.Rosalia, Chief officer Tourism, Soet Sichei. among others.

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  1. good work mr.www, tano tena.
    Extent the project up to sirare ward.

  2. Tom mulongo says:

    Good work mheshimiwa.This is exactly what voters want,not politicking .

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